My name is Kate. I am a 33 year old who lives in Philadelphia, PA. I have two dogs, two cats, one rabbit and a cool husband.

I do really love seltzer. I am a sober person who loves seltzer. The seltzer came first but was a big crutch in my choice to ditch booze. Shout out to the supportive folks at Now Fizzing, who are the only thing I miss about Facebook.

seltzerflavors was an idea for a long time before I made the page. I always wanted to photoshop them but don’t know anything about that program. So I started drawing them.

When I got sober, I got bored. I picked up some art supplies at Target and started doodling. I didn’t start with much, talent-wise, and, according to a German person who commented on an article about me, I still don’t. I have google translate, and I KNOW what you said about me, Der andere Frank.

I disagree because I think that if you’re making something and enjoying it, that’s art. I have grown lots since making my page and I’m so excited to keep growing. The true joy lies in the connection, and I’ve met so many wonderful folks. If you ever need me to overshare about myself, I’m here.

In addition to seltzer, I love plants and flowers and crosswords and taking baths. I also love to write. If you want to pay me to write, I accept.

Thank you for stopping by to see me and thank you for supporting me. I love you, I’m sorry if it’s creepy but it’s true.


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