Gritt’s Creek Sticker

Gritt’s Creek Sticker

Sweet lil sticker--  4" x 2.71"" to be EXTRA PRECISE. Printed by my faves at stickermule.


I have these on hand so they will ship more quickly than made-to-order prints but you can still expect a week processing time, 2 if you order with prints. To learn more about my shipping policies, click here.


If you're just grabbing a couple of stickers, you can enter code STICKER at checkout to waive shipping fees. Your stickers will be shipped regular mail with no tracking number, so keep that in mind. I am an overtruster, so please only use this code if you're getting stickers. If you use the code and you ordered other stuff, I'll have to send you an invoice for shipping and I feel weird about charging money for stuff to begin with. It's built into who I am. I know this isn't my livejournal, but I can't stop typing. I am feeling quixotic.


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