special order just for u

special order just for u

Is there a drawing that I've done that you love a lot but I am not selling it?


Well, I am happy to make a one-off of it for you! You can choose between a 5x7 print and an 8x10 print. I ask for a month turn around time on special requests, since they tend to be a little bit more labor for myself and my printer friend.


Tell me what you want in the customization option down below. If I can't make it for some odd reason, I'll shoot you an e-mail and offer you a refund. I don't foresee that being an issue, but folks are good at throwing curveballs.


If the size of the drawing is going to mean your print is a little different than the two sizes I offer, I'll be in touch. Basically, give me an e-mail address you actually check when you check out! I love chatting.


Thanks! I wish I could have every single thing I've ever drawn in the shop, but if you love one I haven't made and you're willing to wait a little extra time and pay a couple extra bucks, I'll make it happen for you!


If you're looking for a larger print of something, please e-mail seltzerflavors at gmail dot com.





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